Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) – Extensively Tested and Highly Recommended – February 12, 2015

Elite Serum Review – This Doctor Recommended Eye Serum Reduces Eye Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Crow’s Feet, Puffiness and Dark Circles Under the Eyes.

Elite Serum is an anti-wrinkle treatment formulated by Irwin Grams, a distinguished cosmetic pharmacist with 37 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Recommended by doctors primarily as a topical alternative to injections that are designed to fill in and smooth out expression wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, this targeted treatment has emerged as the hottest skin care product. [Read More]

Elite Serum


Eye Serum Review Rating: 99/100
Elite serum is a scientifically advanced eye serum designed for daily use. Being the foremost authority on eye serums and having seen many products make claims they can’t back up, we were amazed when we tested Elite Serum earlier this year. Since posting our review, several other authority websites have acknowledged Elite Serum as the best eye serum available. Elite works to remove dark circles under the eyes, prevent eye wrinkles, and eliminate bags under the eyes.

Elite Eye Serum is made in the USA under strict health code guidelines by Elite, who holds exclusive rights to this formula. The manufacturing facility has an impeccable FDA record and has been in good standing with the Florida State Health Board since it opened it’s doors in 1995. The makers of Elite Serum also manufacture household brands of skin creams, lotions, liquids, oils, capsules and tablets. That statement alone provides comfort and shows the products are made with care by trained professionals. Most eye serum’s are formulated with simple ingredients.

The scientific advances displayed in this formula have separated this eye serum from the pack. The ultra-exclusive ingredients include haloxyl, argireline, and eyeliss. You can find clinical studies behind each of these ingredients, which are imported from French cosmetic company Sederma. The full Elite Serum review has information on advanced clinical data. Also in the eye serum’s formula is resveratrol, gaba, and even acai berry extract. Elite serum was tested by a diverse group of testers from Florida, where skin is always exposed to the sun’s conditions. Testers of the eye serum reported tremendous results using the product as directed. Elite eye serum has taken the anti-aging eye cream world by storm with it’s results-oriented scientific approach to skin care. There are many positive reviews across the web and in printed media. A scientific approach, antioxidant-rich ingredients, quick absorption to the skin, and a state-of-the-art facility run by certified professionals makes Elite Serum our editors choice as the best eye serum available. For more information about Elite Serum, including a detailed product review, discount code, and actual photos of the facility, continue reading this eye serum review…. [Read More]