A firming eye serum is an eye serum offers many of the same benefits that an eye serum offers, but contains additional ingredients that focus solely on lifting, firming, tightening and toning the skin, resulting in a restored, more youthful appearance.  A firming eye serum works beneath the skin to stimulate collagen growth and rejuvenate the skin.  Firming eye serums have been referred to as a “face lift in a bottle.”  Of course, the results from a firming eye serum are far less dramatic than an actual face lift.  Most firming eye serums promise to:

  • Firm & lift eye lids
  • Firm & lift the outer corners of eyes
  • Minimize appearance of wrinkles

These firming results come from a certain blend of ingredients designed specifically to firm the skin around the eyes.  Common ingredients in firming eye serums include:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Retinol
  • Alpha-hydroxy Acids
  • Copper

The Vitamin C, Caffeine and alcohol temporarily dehydrate skin, making it appear taut.

Vitamin C is very important when it comes to increasing collagen growth as well as hydrating the skin.

Caffeine works on the skin much like it works in the body, providing a temporary shot of energy to the skin, creating a restored, youthful look, “I just slept 8 hours” look!  The alcohol of course, is the main drying agent that helps the skin to appear taut.

The Retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, copper, and Vitamin C actually work together, creating a unique, powerful blend that joins forces, under the skin, to stimulate collagen growth.  Specifically, the retinol (also used in wrinkle creams as previously discussed) is used to combat wrinkles and fine lines.

Alpha-hydroxy acids, which have been used for centuries, and are most widely known for their use in chemical peels, are a key ingredient for skin rejuvenation.  The concentration of the alpha hydroxy acids in a product or treatment determines who can administer it. Alpha hydroxy acid products sold to consumers must have a concentration of less than 10%.  The effect that alpha hydroxyl acids has on the skin, depending on its concentration, is similar to that of microdermabrasion.

Copper is a mineral that is important for increasing collagen production. It is often referred to as the most effective skin regeneration product, even though it’s only been on the market since 1997.  Studies have shown that copper peptide promotes collagen and elastin production, and also acts as an antioxidant.  When the level of copper in the body increases, so does the level of collagen production.

Below is a short list of my top firming eye serums:

  • Elite Serum
  • Dermalogica Total Eye Care
  • Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacing Eye Serum
  • La Prarie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum

While we recommend Elite Serum, the other products listed are good choices as well.  They all range in price from $20 to $300 +.  Each of them has their own key ingredients, but all offer a little something different.

As you read the firming eye serum reviews on this website, be sure to distinguish what your exact skin situation is or what effects around your eye you are trying to better control.  Firming eye serums can be a key component to an overall anti-aging regimen when used properly.