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Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) – Extensively Tested and Highly Recommended – February 12, 2015

0.47 oz Airless Syringe

Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) Review – This doctor recommended anti-aging eye treatment from SkinPro significantly reduces expression wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and decreases puffiness and dark circles under and around the eyes.  A vast improvement in efficacy over earlier versions.

Elite Serum Rx is an anti-wrinkle eye serum formulated by Irwin Grams, an award winning cosmetic pharmacist with 37 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This highly concentrated Peptide based formula is recommended by doctors, primarily as an alternative to cosmetic injections designed to fill in expression wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Despite the syringe packaging, this isn’t an injection. However, it just may be the most medicinal anti-aging treatment we have ever seen out of hundreds that we have independently tested thus far in 2013. Now on to our review of this exciting new skin care product.

Is Elite Serum Rx better than an eye cream? Well, we have had our entire editorial staff try this product with incredible results. Never before has the internal feedback been so overwhelmingly positive. A number of our test group members already swear by it and have not only continued to use the product following the trial, but they have went out and bought it on their own from the company.

There are no miracles here, simply an extremely effective therapeutic solution that does what it says it will do. So keep on reading as this review is longer than normal, but it is worth a few minutes of your time if you are truly serious about achieving real age-reversing results. There are no mysteries here. If you believe in science, it will make sense to you how and why this product works as well as everybody is saying it does.

When SkinPro, a boutique skin care laboratory known for their potent cosmeceuticals, let us in on their plans to revamp their award-winning Elite Serum formula, we thought they were crazy!  Even more so, we thought that their idea to package it in a custom designed and patented airless syringe would never garner mainstream support. We couldn’t have been more wrong.

The frenzy over this hot new product really began during the February 4th edition of a daytime show of a well respected doctor. During this segment, it was recommended that the use of an Argireline-based eye treatment like Elite Serum as a safe topical alternative to cosmetic injections. From there the popularity just spread like wildfire, thanks to real proven results. In case you missed it, here is a link to the episode Or, skip right to the Official Elite Serum Rx Website and read all about the science behind this new and exciting skin care breakthrough.

This revolutionary serum is also a very effective treatment for significantly reducing eye bag puffiness and discoloration such as dark under eye circles.  It’s packed with all of the latest peptide ingredients – Argireline®, SNAP-8, Haloxyl®, Matrixyl™3000, SYN®-COLL, Syn®-TC, Inyline and Eyeliss™ – but best of all, Elite Serum uses them in the concentrations that are recommended by the research laboratories where they were formulated and discovered.

Before & After Elite Serum

Significant Reduction in Puffiness

This reader submitted photo of Paul, age 70, tells the story best. This photo is completely untouched and unaltered in any way.  Paul, who is a retired medical professional, Elite Serum Rx user and regular reader of our website,  confirmed to us that he did not enhance these photos in any way. Furthermore, he did not use any makeup, lighting tricks  or anything that would artificially enhance the results. We hate asking people this, but you need absolute confirmation when dealing with a purported anti-aging  testimonial. These actual photos were taken on an iPhone 4 before treatment and following 90 days of twice daily application. We are firm believers in science when it comes  to determining the benefits of a skin care product. We don’t believe in miracles.

This is what Paul had to say about his experiences with the Elite Serum Rx syringe eye serum:

“Recently I contacted a plastic surgeon friend of mine to find out what he could do for the puffiness under my eyes. He told me that no injection or surgery will fix this problem and went on to recommend a product called Elite Serum Rx. Although skeptical at first, I purchased some and as you can see from the photos, I have been using it for 3 months now and it really has made a significant difference in virtually eliminating my puffy eye bags.  I would recommend this product to friends and family.”

The Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) version is also heavily doctor recommended and endorsed. Famed anti-aging guru  Dr. Mark Weis, MD, from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, had this to say about the new product:

Dr. Mark Weis, MD, endorses Elite Serum Rx

Dr. Mark Weis World Renowned Anti-Aging Expert

As a physician specializing in anti-aging medicine, I am very happy I was made aware of Elite Serum Rx. My patients’ experience has confirmed its impressive effectiveness in reducing age-related skin concerns such as crow’s feet, wrinkling, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes. Because many cosmetic products are poorly researched and ineffective, quality and safety-oriented physicians like me usually won’t recommend them because they have not been demonstrated to be both effective and safe in medical studies. Happily, this is not the case with Elite Serum Rx! As a physician concerned with my patients’ safety, I find the research effort provided by Elite Serum’s creators very reassuring, and am very pleased that physicians like me now have a reliable recommendation for patients suffering from age-related facial skin concerns.”

When an eye serum receives such strong professional opinions, it speaks volumes of its efficacy.

Being true to our reputation of providing facts about the latest eye serum breakthroughs, we gave this product the old college try.   Since you never get a second chance to create a first impression, an eye serum like Elite Serum is something one can’t ignore.  It all starts with our eyes.  It’s important to treat the skin around them with extreme care, and induce rejuvenation with only the best anti-aging treatments.  Elite Serum has launched a never-seen-before version of eye serum that was formulated by esteemed cosmetic pharmacist Irwin Grams.  He carefully combined the world’s most powerful skin care peptides like Argireline®, SNAP-8, Haloxyl®, Matrixyl™3000, SYN®-COLL, SYN®-TC, Inyline™ and Eyeliss™, to formulate a compound so potent that we were left wondering why it does not require a prescription.

Right out of the gate we started out impressed as the Elite Serum Rx comes in what looks like an injectable syringe.  However, there is no painful injection here, only a laser-targeted approach to dispensing eye serum in a manner that makes airless pumps a thing of the past.  A marketing brochure accompanied each shipment and provided more information about the product.

A simple push of the button will allow the eye serum to be dispensed with ease and applied around the eyes, circulating gently into the area where crow’s feet start to form and ending with the skin below the eyes.  After a few weeks of using the Elite Serum, we noticed the skin under the eyes developed a certain plumping effect and genuinely felt – and looked – healthier.  Within one month’s time, everyone agreed that eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness were all but a thing of the past.   With the “forced DNA rejuvenation” provided by the Elite Serum, the skin reacted better than it had with any other eye serum or anti-aging product we have ever tested.

Elite Serum Rx Review – who would benefit from using this new product?

The quick answer is “anyone who is looking to rejuvenate their skin, especially in the area of skin that ages so awfully around our eyes”.  Eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark under eye circles, and unsightly bags can add years to our appearance.  Elite Serum addresses all of these concerns – and more – in one targeted skin treatment.

Best of all, this mighty rejuvenation product uses a unique and effective patent-pending syringe that’s never been seen before.  This syringe takes all of the guesswork out of applying eye serum and delivers laser targeted results that an airless pump simply can’t match.  Needle-quality results without the pain!

Elite Serum Official Website
This ultra-powerful eye serum works directly at the DNA level to stimulate and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes.  There is nothing on the market formulated to work as well as it does.

Keep on reading as we have an exclusive interview with Richard Banks, who’s company SkinPro was responsible for the formulation of the new extra strength Elite Serum Rx, along with our own reader feedback, comments and reviews about this exciting new anti-aging treatment that is simply the best skin care product released so far in 2013. Or visit the Official Elite Serum Rx Website for more information about this exciting new eye serum.

As investigative reporters on anti aging serums and other skin rejuvenation products, we like to take a look under the proverbial hood and get down to the nitty gritty details.  We reached out to Skin Pro, creators of the Elite Serum franchise, and asked some questions about this new revolution in skin care.  Below is an exclusive interview with company spokesperson Richard Banks.  What makes Elite Serum Rx so special?

Richard Banks:   “based on advanced research and testing, this is the most potent eye serum ever introduced to the world market.”  Can you elaborate on why you feel this way?

Richard Banks:  “our initial Elite Serum formula, which we released at the beginning of 2009, was received with great praise for our use of anti-oxidants combined with potent peptides.  The formula still gets rave reviews and we have 10′s of thousands of regular customers who swear by it as an every day anti aging treatment.  We simply upgraded the formula based on time spent in the laboratory and by listening to feedback from our loyal customers.”  Elite Serum has always been held in high regard by our readers and we’ve enjoyed the results in our own testing.   You mentioned some changes – we noticed the packaging, of course – but what else has changed from the previous Elite Serum?

Richard Banks:  “We increased the percentages of the active ingredients by a substantial margin and added Syn-TC in partnership with Centerchem along with Lipotec’s most powerful Inyline peptide.  It’s not easy mixing (bonding) ingredients when you increase the amounts of each ingredients.  To put it in more simple terms, it’s like maxing a beef stew – sure you want to add all your favorite ingredients, but when you add too much of one ingredient and too little of another, it just doesn’t mesh well.  That’s why we spent so much time working on this before finally releasing it.  And yes, it’s hard to ignore the packaging – we took a lot of time in addressing the main issue most customers have with anti aging creams and serums – the airless pump.  When people spend their hard earned money on skin products the last thing they want to do is waste any amount of the product, so we invested a substantial amount of resources in creating this new syringe style applicator device.”   That’s a huge advantage, and we’ve noted in previous eye serum reviews that airless pumps are a huge hassle when they don’t work properly.  We noticed a couple ingredients were missing from the new Elite Serum:  acai berry extract and resveratrol – can you tell us why?

Richard Banks:  “You certainly picked up on a very BIG change in the formula!  While there is nothing wrong with the antioxidant quality of using those two natural resources in an anti aging cream, we found BETTER ways to deliver the same affect from ingredients that are used in more advanced treatments.  Not to mention, acai and resveratrol were common ingredients in a lot of the “free trial” anti aging creams out there – and we have never been supporters of that model.  You wouldn’t imagine the number of consumers that associate those two ingredients with “wrinkle cream scams.”  It’s unfortunate, because research shows those ingredients are of high quality, but we did find better results in our testing with other ingredients – namely seaweed extracts, which in addition to being among the highest quality natural antioxidants, also have a huge impact on discoloration of the skin.  Skin care conventions allow us to converse with many great dermatology minds, and ALL of the luxury spa’s that are located in five star hotels and resorts use the same seaweed extract in their skin treatments and body wraps.  (And they charge a pretty penny for this luxury!)  That’s great information, Richard.  Thanks for your time today.  I’ll let you get back to your daily routine unless you want to add anything?

Richard Banks:  “The pleasure is all mine.  I appreciate you taking the time to let us announce our new product here.  I will add that if anyone has any questions or wants to do a similar interview, my door is always open.  I can be reached at support @ via email or ask for me on our toll free 800-575-2065.  We’re open to doing promotions, giveaways, and more.  We actively participate in the anti aging circuit here in South Florida.  Again, thank YOU for the time and if I can ever offer more information, just get in touch.”  We appreciate the time and wish you success with the new product!

Richard Banks:  “Thanks! Keep up the great work.”

Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) is sold online at and at participating medical clinics, spas and wellness centers worldwide. Ask your primary care physician or dermatologist about Elite Serum Rx today!

Vita K Solution For Dark Circles Review by Ronald Gold

The Vita K solution for dark circles is usually one of the top sellers on in the dark circle treatments category, so we decided to take a look at it and compare it to the Dark Circle Serum, which is sold at a much higher price point when you compare the two eye serums.

This eye serum talks about using the power of Vitamin K to fade away dark circles and blotches. While it is a great concept and we like their marketing ploy that “dark circles make you look tired,” their claim that “nothing works faster” was quite wrong. We have had various teams of people test numerous eye serums and Vita K didn’t hold a candle to the competition in that respect. Keep reading to find out more about Vita K’s skin care product for dark circles and find real reviews by following the live links included in the detailed review.

There are positives and negatives when a company lists a product for sale on, and this is a perfect example of why.  There are more 1 star reviews for Vita K then there are 5 star, and that means more people were extremely let down instead of being extremely pleased.  When you sell a product for around $10, like this one, it’s really hard to drive consumers crazy and generate the poor reviews.

One review on Amazon states “Shiny Cover up more than anything else.” Others weren’t as nice.  Out of the positive reviews out there none were over the top or raving about the product.  We will keep tabs on this as we do with all other products in the eye serum niche.

Positives about Vita K for Dark Circles

1.  Available on While this might not sound too endorsing, you can rest assured your order will be fulfilled and processed with ease.

2.  Affordable. As low as $10.99.  This is certainly within everyone’s anti-aging budget.

Negatives about Vita K for Dark Circles

Unfortunately, like the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”  This didn’t work as well as other eye products with the big name ingredients.  At least it doesn’t set consumers back too much if they do decide to try this on a whim that it will work like some of the other top selling eye serums that pack a little more punch.

Gratiae Replenishing Eye Cream Review by Sarah Boehman

Gratiae skin-care experts have set out to set a new standard in age-defying cosmetic products, by creating holistically balanced, organic product that are cruelty free, meaning they are not tested on animals, the product is organic and the packaging is recyclable.   Holistically Balanced products enable Gratiae to maintain a focus on the whole plant and the synergistic action of all of the constituents in the plant as created by Nature.

Gratiae set out to create a superior, fast-acting, replenishing eye cream designed specifically for the delicate, sensitive area of the human eye.  It claims to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduces puffiness and black circles around the eyes. This eye cream contains a newly developed beneficial blend of thermo-mineral water, restorative natural flora, and organic oats and oil, said to re-tone the skin, balance the moisture level, and boost cell renewal.

The product is applied by simply patting the cream onto cleansed skin in soft circular movements until absorbed.  The directions say to precede the application with an application of the Replenishing Eye Serum.  This product can be purchased as a combo pack with the eye serum.  We just don’t understand this.  We have never heard of following up an eye cream with an eye serum!  This leads us to the cost.  This product can be purchased anywhere from Amazon to mall kiosks in high end shopping malls in Las Vegas.  How can a product that costs on average of $200 + at a mall kiosk be found on the internet for $25?  Beware that many consumers said the sales reps were rude!

Don’t bother wasting your money on this product!

Lumens Vitamin C Anti-Puffiness Roll-On Eye Serum Review by Ronald Gold

Lumen Vitamin C Eye Serum is a roll on eye serum that contains a unique combination of cloudberry and lingonberry, both of which are said to eliminate dark circles and under eye puffiness.  This product contains an innovative tri-ball applicator which gives a gentle, relaxing massage to the delicate skin around eyes.

This product can be stored in the fridge!  The coolness will ease puffiness and refresh tired looking eyes.

The second the tri-ball applicator hits the skin, applying the cold serum, the skin immediately felt awakened, cool and refreshed.  It was an instantaneous pep to the undereyes.  This product goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, can be worn under makeup and combined with other products and works well as a moisturizer.

This product did absolutely nothing for fine lines, but it doesn’t claim to.  Hats off to a product that doesn’t make false claims about what it can do.  We feel that this product is a great value at around $20, even if it doesn’t do much more than keep your eyes hydrated.  If you are looking a solution to your fine lines and wrinkles though, you will need to use a product in addition to this one.

Peter Thomas Roth Eye Serum Review by Sarah Boehman

Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacing Eye Serum is a concentrated eye serum that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles upon first application.  The ingredients in this product are like no other on the market.

This product claims to provide the results of laser resurfaced skin without the laser.  That is a bold claim. It further claims to help skin appear resurfaced, regenerated, renewed, and repaired, reversing the appearance of noticeable signs of aging caused by UV exposure, and environmental damage.

This serum includes a 33.5% concentration of Dragon’s Blood Eye Complex.  While you may think of some wizard or sorcerer hunting down a dragon for its blood, it is actually a bright red sap found in a variety of plants and used as an antioxidant.  The Dragon’s Blood is said to help rid puffiness and speed up the skins repair process.  This product also contains Cytobiol Lumin-Eye, which is said to help get rid of those pesky bags that seem to age us considerably.

Many were impressed with this product.  The packaging was perfect, dispensing just the right amount of serum each time.  The formula was weightless and absorbed into the skin easily.

A clinical study conducted by Peter Thomas Roth reveals this:

saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles*

saw improvement in the appearance of skin ruddiness (redness)*

92%  RENEW
saw the appearance of smoother, softer, clearer looking skin*

How can we argue with these numbers?  We say give it a try.  There might be something to this Dragon Blood after all!